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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it take longer than usual for items to be delivered?

The products we offer on PICKOPOP are imported from UNITED STATES which as a result takes a little longer than normal to deliver in India.

It takes 12-15 days for the product to reach you from USA to INDIA.


 What is the difference in the items available locally and the one available from USA?

Around 98% of the products sold in USA are manufactured within USA by very high standards and the rest are manufacturer in the facilities that are USA FDA approved. Most of the items available locally are manufactured in Asian countries which lack the quality and efficiency and are not manufactured as per standards compared to those available from USA.


Can I order a product from a brand that is not available on Pickopop ?

In case you wish to order a product from a Brand that is not available on the site, you could fill in our Customer Request Form on the site or mail us at  and our customer support team would notify you on the availability of the product.